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it’s all relative This is just as true in investing where you and I will experience the same market event very differently because of our biases, our personal investment history, and other ideas that have shaped our worldview.

For example, consider real U.S. stock returns by decade (including dividends):

When you look at this chart what conclusion do you draw? Yes, returns vary, but does that mean that we should just buy and hold? Does it imply that investing is mostly ? The investors from the 1930s and 1940s will likely have a very different answer than those from the 1980s and 1990s.

We can go further and compare U.S. stock and bond returns during the biggest stock market crashes of the past century. If we start at the peak before the crash, we can see how each market crash provides a different experience for the investors of that era:

However, this graphic isn’t the best we can do. We can overlay these peaks on top of each other to get an even better comparison of each one:

As you can see, each one of these periods provided a different takeaway for investors. I might say, “Bonds provide stability when stocks crash,” but the investors of 1973–1974 would say, “Not so fast.”

As you can see, each one of these periods provided a different takeaway for investors.

The point is that realizing your financial frame of reference can be helpful for understanding how you might react to future market events. For example, I know that I am biased against real estate investments because I saw my parents lose their home in the housing crisis of 2007–2008. This is clearly an example of nike air max 1 v sp patch steel green
clouding my judgement, but I honestly can’t seem to shake it though I know better.

So ask yourself: what is your financial frame of reference? Are you biased for or against any particular asset class? If so, do you have evidence for this? Studying market history can help to tame these biases, but they will always be difficult to overcome . So next time you hear someone make a comment about the market, before you agree or disagree, remember the relative lens through which they (and you) view the financial world.

Studying market history can help to tame these biases, but they will always be difficult to overcome

Absolutes in a Relative World

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CHPC awards allocations on the general resources of the kingspeak and ember clusters based on proposals submitted to a review committee. The allocation is awarded to the CHPC PI, and access to the allocation is made available to all members of the group. Jobs from groups with allocation run at a higher priority and can preempt jobs running without allocation. Note that lonepeak general nodes are run in an unallocated manner.

Other resources on the clusters are "owned" by other PIs and your jobs will not be able to run on those nodes at priority unless you are a member of that group. You may run on the "owner nodes" by changing the SBATCH directives for the account and partition as desciribed on the SLURM documentation page . Your job can thus be run on any idle owner nodes, at low priority, but your job can be pre-empted (killed) if a member of the owner's group submits a job.

at priority

Allocations are measured in wallclockcore hour which are 1 hour of wallclock time for each core on a node. For more details see our HPC Allocation Policy . Allocations are managed on a calendar quarter.

wallclockcore hour for each core

There are two kinds of allocation:

Quick allocations are for PIs who are new to having a CHPC allocation. PIs may submit a quick allocationrequest which is for 20,000 wallclock core hours for the current calendar quarter at any time during the quarter. It is expected that after gaining experience using our systems with the quick allocation, the allocation process (below) should be followed. Quick allocations are reviewed by senior CHPC staff and awarded at CHPC's discretion.

Requests for allocations are accepted 4 times per year. The due dates for the four opportunities are set each quarter:

The exact dates are set each quarter and announced through the chpc-hpc-users mailing list. The maximum award amount is 200,000.

PIs are asked to submit a request for the four upcoming calendar quarters. Your allocation request will then need to be renewed the following year by submitting another request. You may ask for fewer quarters, but if you expect to be using our systems long term we request that you submit a full year request. If you find your allocation amount needs to be adjusted, you can submit a new request to replace your existing request at any allocation cycle during the year.

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